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When I'm Not Busy Playing Video Games…

I’m telling stories through music and sound

I’m here to make your project sound as good as you’ve been imagining it could.

As game developers it is our job to tell stories through our work.

Why Do We Tell Stories?

To invoke and inspire emotional responses from our players.

Every aspect of your game has the potential to reinforce your narrative vision through audio.

Why Work With Me

Adaptive Music:

To match your varying gameplay states and storytelling.

Immersive Sound Design:

To reinforce game mechanics and communicate effective feedback to player controls.

Fixed Price Quote:

So you know exactly how much audio will cost you right from the start. I don’t quote per asset or per hour. Just one price for financial peace of mind.

Unlimited Revisions:

I won’t be happy until you’re happy. Within our timeframe, i offer unlimited revisions on all assets.

Read my interview with Composer Magazine

Headshot of Sergio for composer magazine

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